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Immigration Proposals Across the United States

March 7, 2008
Washington Post

Highlights of bills offered:

_ Following Oklahoma's example from last year, legislators in eight states proposed comprehensive immigration bills that would restrict illegal immigrants' access to driver's licenses and other IDs; limit public benefits, penalize employers who hire them and boost ties between local police and federal immigration authorities.

_ Nearly 30 states also have bills focusing on cracking down on employers who hire illegal immigrants.

_ Twenty states are seeking to boost cooperation between local law enforcement and federal immigration authorities and to increase penalties for illegal immigrants who commit crimes.

_ At least 14 states are looking to limit driver's licenses and other IDs.

_ Fourteen states are looking to cut public benefits for illegal immigrants, though such services are mostly regulated by the federal government and already heavily restricted.

_ In a number of states, dueling bills illustrate conflicting views. Delaware has a bill requiring that notices about predatory loans be written in Spanish and English, and another to make English the state's official language. California has bills both to deny any benefits to children of illegal immigrants and to provide those living in poverty with health care insurance.

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